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How to Measure Your Window for Curtians

Now I get it, you’re probably sat there thinking, ” why do I need to see how to do this, isn’t it just as simple as it gets?” The truth in the matter is, you can measure it any way you like in reality however, the results might not be just as chic as you envisioned. So the question remains, how do you measure then? Well, let us run you through the basics.

It starts with figuring out what you would like your curtains to be suspended with. Is it a pole or a track you’d prefer? If all you thought about is the end-result, then the chances are you need to do some research before you measure. If you’re struggling to know what you need then head over to our blog post Choosing Between Curtain Poles or Tracks.


Once you’ve done that, the rest is easy. Simply chose the measuring unit you feel most comfortable working in and get to it. Using our simple to follow guide you can become a pro in no time.

Remember you can use this guide to measure for blinds too!

Just follow the recess guidelines, C and E.


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