Manufacturers and suppliers of furniture, soft furnishings and flooring to the health care and hotel industries. Supplying quality products competitively priced for a single solution in furniture, flooring and soft furnishings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What process would I go though for placing an order?

1) Get in touch via e-mail/phone

2) Discuss what you require including finishes, specifications, colours and any special requests

3) The quote will be sent

4) Order placed

5) Final discussions on colours, fabrics and finishes

6) Order will be processed

7) Products will be made

8) Delivery scheduled and delivered

9) Order complete

How do I know if my order is confirmed?

A member of staff will be in touch to confirm your order and go over and final details with you.

Where do you deliver to?

We can deliver to all across the UK including Ireland and Scotland.

Do you have delivery charges?

Delivery fees vary, please phone for details.

What financial plans do you offer?

We require a 25% deposit when you place an order. A further 25% shall be paid on the installation date.  The outstanding 50% shall be payable 30 days after the completion date, and any snagging that has been resolved.

Do you offer specialised products?

We offer bespoke and specialised products for a range of customers. From antimicrobial fabrics to custom made furniture we can organize a variety of services for each and every customer.

How long is my quote valid?

Your quote is valid for 90 days after the date it is issued.

What Warranty do you offer?

Warranty information varies from product to product, this information will be included in your quote.

How to I make sure that I have given the correct measurements?

For flooring; one of our trainer fitters will come out to measure the flooring for you.

For Furniture; our furniture ranges and their dimensions are available on the ranges specification section of our website.  If you require bespoke furniture then a member of our team can come out to measure for you.

For soft furnishings; There is a step by step guide you can follow on our websites. Just look under Blogs and How To’s.

If you are still unsure then we advise you contact us via telephone or email.

Can I make changes to an order that I have already placed?

Unfortunately, changes cannot be made after the order has been placed. After this, the order moves to the processing stage where our skilled team manufacture your order to your specifications. If you do require changes to be made to your order then please contact a member of our team to discuss this whilst your order is still in the ‘design’ stage.


Our team will do everything in our power to assist you with any cancellations. Each order is unique therefore has different requirements for cancellations.

How many different ranges of furniture are available for me to choose from?

There are 3 ranges to choose from that come in a variety of colours. They are available to mix and match. If you have any questions regarding specifications or to order a selection then please contact us via email or telephone.

Can I change the dimensions/colours of the range furniture?

Yes, you can upon request, however, it must be discussed prior to your order and will affect your delivery slot as bespoke can increase the time frame on your order.

What if i want to return an item?

If you wish to return an item then please contact a member of staff via telephone or email who will support you through this.

How do I book a design visit?

To book a design consultation then simply contact a member of staff via email or telephone to book an appointment with one of our skilled team members.

What if my order is damaged?

Not to worry! If you receive an item that is damaged or unfit for purpose then simply take photograph and email them to us. This opens up an investigation to allow us to help you further.

Where are you located?

We are located in the heart of Newcastle-Under-Lyme.

Can you provide Upholstering services?

This is something we can offer upon request. Please contact a member of our team via email or telephone to enquire.

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