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Brave The Shave

On 21st September 2020, one of our own Jane will be taking part in Brave the Shave in support of Macmillan Cancer Support.

This is a cause very close to her heart as it has affected people who she holds dear to her, throughout her life. In the spirit of showing support, Jane decided it was time to Brave the Shave with her friends. It is acts of kindness like this that raise money that can provide life-changing physical, financial and emotional support to every life that is affected.


No matter reason, whoever you do it for – with your support, you’ll be helping The Orchard Team to be apart of something big. Macmillan is one of the largest supporters of people living with cancer.

Did you know that since 2015, people who have braved the shave have raised over £22.7 million! That amount could pay for a whopping 140 Macmillan nurses for 3 years.


Together with your support, we are aiming to raise £300.00. Can you help?

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